Hand Technique

In this lesson I show you some of the insights that have helped me in my quest to find the best hand technique.

There's already a lot of information out there about hand technique and I don't want to re-invent the wheel. However, I believe that the things in this video might help to highlight some of the common issues.

For other information on hand technique I recommend checking out the following:

Jojo Mayer's Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer (show on Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk)

This is probably the best DVD I've seen on hand technique

Tommy Igoe's Great Hands for a Lifetime (show on Amazon.com , Amazon.co.uk)

I bought this quite recently. Tommy has some good insights and the warm up routine is a great way to work on your hands.

Dom Famularo's It's Your Move (book) (show on Amazon.com , Amazon.co.uk)

There's lots of great stuff in here. This is where I first read about the free stroke and 2-50 exercise. I subsequently took a 3 hour lesson with Dom where we mainly focused on hand technique.

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